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Dec 4, 2015
Winter tires, save on the road with your rental car

When you travel with your car or rental car in winter it's always wise to drive with winter tires. When you rent a car, especially in wintersport countries, winter tires are standard, to be sure if your rental car does have winter tyres read the rental terms and conditions so you are sure.

Winter tires do not only provide additional safety with snow conditions but also with rain. Winter tires, at 7 degrees or lower, do offer much more traction than summer tires through their much softer composition.

Tires in general are a very important part of your car. These few square centimeters of rubber are the only contact of your vehicle with the road surface. Winter tires do have a different rubber compound and of course a custom profile. For example, if you have to brake in wet or snowy conditions you need an average of three meters less to stop comparing to with summer tires.

You have been warned !!

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